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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Art All Night happen this year?

Art All Night 2021 will take place from April 24-25. Add the event to your calendar so you don’t miss out!

This year’s event is being held online only. We hope to return to in-person events in the future, so stay tuned for updates.

When and how can I submit my art for this year’s event?

The window for submissions will open soon. When it is, you’ll head to the Submission Page to submit your piece.

What are the submission guidelines?

Art All Night is a celebration of creativity and expression. We aren’t big on rules, but we do have to follow some guidelines to keep things running smoothly. When submitting your art, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Each artist can only submit one piece of art.
  • Regardless of how many people collaborate on an art piece, the pieces still counts as one submission for the artists.
  • Pieces must be submitted before the submission deadline ends. At this point, the online submission feature will be disabled and there will be no way for you to sneak in after the deadline—so mark your calendar!
  • Use any medium or style of art you wish—just make sure you provide an accurate photo and description of your piece.

How do I get my physical art on the website?

Will the website stay up after the event?

Art All Night has always been a mythical beast. Each year it rises up from the ashes of abandoned breweries, empty warehouses, and forgotten spaces to burn brightly for 22 wild hours. Then, almost as soon as it’s appeared, it disappears without a trace, leaving us with memories and connections that last a lifetime.

This year, the beast is contained in the digital plane—but it isn’t tamed. Just like in past years, this Art All Night 2021 will emerge for only 22 hours. During that time, this website will open additional features that can only be accessed while the show is live. So mark your calendar and set your clock—we hope to see you there!

Will I still be able to bid on pieces?

Thanks for your interest in supporting local artists! Yes, you’ll be able to place bids online. To place your bid, click on the piece of art you’re interested in. This will take you to a dedicated page for that piece. Click “place bid,” type in your offer and contact info, and click “submit.”

After the event is over, your bid and contact info (along with any bids from other users) will be passed along to the artist. The artist will then reach out to you via the contact info you provided to arrange payment and pickup/delivery.

Bonus Tip: Take screenshots of the artist info for pieces that interest you. That way you can look up and follow artists after the event to stay up to date with their latest work.

Is there a schedule for live performances?

Will there be on-site art/live painting this year?

One of the most popular features of Art All Night is our on-site installation of live painters. During the overnight event, these artists work together to create unique pieces which are sold via a live auction on Sunday.

Since the event is online this year, we’ll be doing things a little differently. Pairs of painters will be participating remotely and broadcasting their progress. You can learn more (and sign up) at the Onsite Live Art Sign Up Form page.

Will the on-site/live paintings be sold in a separate auction?

Art All Night veterans will know that we typically host a separate auction on Sunday for the paintings created during the event. Although we plan to do the same this year, the auction will be held digitally and the timing will likely change. Follow us on social media for updates on this unique auction!

Can I advertise my business on Art All Night Online?

Art All Night strives to create an experience that’s centered around art, not advertising. Artists can include their personal websites in their contact information for their submitted piece, but additional advertising and corporate sponsorships aren’t permitted. As a member of the Art All Night community, we encourage you to focus on showcasing your talent, connecting with other artists, and enjoying the experience of Art All Night!