April 27th starting at 4pm
until April 28th at 2pm.


The Crucible Building
3011 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201.


Artists’ Registration is open!
Volunteer sign up is open!

27th Art All Night


No Fee. No Censorship. No Jury.

2024 Timeline

AI image of an artist passionately showcasing their artwork.

We have a location and date for Art All Night 27! The event will be in the Crucible Building at 3011 Smallman Street in the Lawrenceville/Strip District neighborhood of Pittsburgh on April 27th and 28th.

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Art All Night is a free 22-hour festival that features art and performances from hundreds of new, emerging, and established artists.

The event features hundreds of unique works of art, around-the-clock performances from musicians and performers, dozens of films, and interactive activities for both children and adults. The previous years’ events have hosted artwork, music, films, and performances from more than 700 participants.

Planning Meetings

A group of dedicated volunteers meets over the span of three months leading up to the show to plan, organize and execute the show.

New members are needed each year. If you are interested in contributing to Art All Night, join our team.

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Show Build Out

Join us in making the show a success! Volunteers are needed for setup tasks the month and especially the week leading up to the event. Build out is what it sounds like, volunteers build panels, stages, the areas for children’s activities and the live painters.  Just show up with a cordless drill (if you have one) and you will be put to work.

Registration & Drop Off

The morning of the show, before the event starts, hundreds of artists come to the location to drop off their art (and register it if they did not do that online at home). Rain or shine this happens from 10 am to 2pm sharp, so prepare according to the weather and don’t be late!

The Show!

The show usually occurs during the last weekend of April. It’s a uniquely packed 22 hours geared for all ages, an engaging event open to all. Come check it out anytime from 4pm on a Saturday to 2pm on Sunday.

Experience creativity, community, and inspiration come to life. Don’t miss out! #ArtAllNightPittsburgh

Art All Night 27

The Auction

All the art that was created overnight at Art All Night by our onsite artist volunteers gets auctioned off at noon on Sunday. You could own your very own original Art All Night art and feel good about those proceeds going to fund future Art All Night events.

Event Teardown

At 2 pm on Sunday the show shutters its doors and the task of restoring the building to its original state begins. Constructed panels and partitions need to be uninstalled, materials sorted and packed up. Volunteers do the important work of maintaining the Art All Night reputation of leaving buildings in the best condition. Consider being a part of this valuable volunteer team!