Frequently Asked Questions

When was Art All Night happen this year?

Art All Night 2024 was held at the Crucible Building at 3011 Smallman Street, 15201 in the  Lawrenceville/Strip District neighborhood of Pittsburgh on April 27th and 28th.

When and how can I submit my art for this year's event?

The window for submissions opens in the beginning of April, you can register here.

You will be asked to input your name, email address and phone number; as well as your art piece’s name, sale price (or “not for sale”) and artist’s statement.

What are the submission guidelines?

Art All Night is a celebration of creativity and expression. We aren’t big on rules, but we do have to follow some guidelines to keep things running smoothly. When submitting your art, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • Each artist can only submit one piece of art.
    • Regardless of how many people collaborate on an art piece, the piece still counts as one submission for the artists.
    • Pieces must be submitted before the end of registration on the Saturday of the show. Registration at the show is open from 10am to 2pm sharp. You may register your artwork here before the show online, starting in the beginning of April.
    • Use any medium or style of art you wish—just make sure you provide an accurate photo and description of your piece. If your piece is large or requires time for assembly please email

Do I need to submit a photo of my work with my submission?

Is there a schedule for live performances?

Once the schedule is ready we will list out the performances here.

To sign up for live music, click here.

Will there be on-site art/live painting this year?


One of the most popular features of Art All Night is the on-site installation of live painters. During the overnight event, these artists work together to create unique pieces which are sold via a live auction on Sunday.

To sign up for on-site painting, click here.

Am I allowed to bring my dog to Art All Night? How about drinks?

Art All Night is in a unique space this year for the show, a professional building with carpeting instead of a grungy warehouse. So although we all love to meet and greet all the doggos that normally would be visiting Art All Night, there will be no dogs allowed this year.

The event has never allowed outside alcohol in the past, and that will be the case again this year. Also, because of this year’s building being carpeted, we ask that if you need to bring food or drink (other than water), to the show, please consume it before or after you visit.  

Art All Night appreciates your adherence to these rules, so that the event can continue to have the reputation of leaving the spaces we occupy in the same or better shape than when we started with them. 

What does accessibility look like for Art All Night?

Accessibility is a foundational commitment ART ALL NIGHT strives to fulfill. 

Parking: There are numerous accessible parking spaces in addition to an unloading and drop-off area.

Building Access and Features: There is a ramp to enter and exit the building, the show is on one level only. There are various forms of flooring including tile, linoleum, and carpet. Navigation signage will be throughout the show in large font with directional imagery. 

Restrooms: Restrooms provided to the public are portable/temporary and not located inside the building. There are multiple sizes, including ones designed to accommodate wheelchairs. Childsized changing tables are built into these porta-johns.

Quiet/Sensory Room: Art All Night can be a crowded, and often noisy, place. Those who would like a break from the larger event can visit the Quiet room to enjoy a (relatively) quieter space where charging outlets and various sensory items are available.

Noise/BandsMultiple stages are located throughout the space to disperse sound outputs, additionally earbuds are provided at each stage for those who may desire to view, but not listen at full volume.

Seating: Various seating is available throughout the space, including chairs and benches.

Animals: Service animals are welcome at Art All Night. We ask other pet owners to keep their companions at home to keep the space safe for trained service animals. 

Assistance and QuestionsThere will be individuals available throughout the entire show to aid any accessibility or mobility needs requested.