Frequently Asked Questions

When will Art All Night happen this year?

Art All Night 2023 will be held April 29th-30th at the 31st Street Studios in Pittsburgh PA.

When and how can I submit my art for this year’s event?

The window for submissions is open now! Register here.

You will need to input your name, email address, and phone number; as well as your art piece’s name, sale price (or “not for sale”), and artist’s statement.

What are the submission guidelines?

Art All Night is a celebration of creativity and expression. We aren’t big on rules, but we do have to follow some guidelines to keep things running smoothly. When submitting your art, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Each artist can only submit one piece of art.
  • Regardless of how many people collaborate on an art piece, the pieces still counts as one submission for the artists.
  • Pieces must be submitted before the end of registration on the Saturday of the show. Registration is open from 10am to 2pm sharp.
  • Use any medium or style of art you wish—just make sure you provide an accurate photo and description of your piece. If your piece is large or requires time for assembly please email info @

Can I submit a photo for the online gallery?

Is there a schedule for live performances?

Once the schedule is ready we will list out the performances here.

To sign up for live music, click here.

To sign up for performance/theatrical, click here.

Will there be on-site art/live painting this year?


One of the most popular features of Art All Night is our on-site installation of live painters. During the overnight event, these artists work together to create unique pieces which are sold via a live auction on Sunday.

Sign up for on-site art/live painting here.

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