What a Typical Art All Night Is Like…

What is Art All Night?

Art All Night’s motto is “No Fee, No Jury, No Censorship”. We’d probably add “No Commercialism” too if it didn’t make the motto too long and cumbersome. You will see this motto reflected in all that we do.

The event is an entirely free (you read that right, FREE) grassroots community art event put on by a group of dedicated volunteers every year, typically held during the last weekend in April in Lawrenceville.  Anyone can put one single piece of art in the show for free and then invite all their friends to come see said piece of art for free. Art All Night is a joyful celebration of both the arts and our community that grows in popularity each year, bringing thousands of people from all over the region into Lawrenceville for one unforgettable weekend.

Art All Night promotes artistic expression from all walks of life. The event particularly encourages children and adults to become actively involved by contributing artwork and engaging in interactive projects. The show brings together seniors, novice artists, educators, students, seasoned professionals, and families of all ages.

Art All Night is a catalyst for community development, shining a spotlight on our unique neighborhood. Lawrenceville has long been a magnet for artisans, lovers of beautiful architecture, and those attracted to the unique aspects of urban living.

Art All Night has been around for 23 years, so must be doing something right!

* Art All Night is a family friendly, weapons free, community event. Public safety issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the security team with support from law enforcement.

History of Art All Night

Art All Night has a rich and storied history as one of Pittsburgh’s most popular populist arts events.

Art All Night debuted in 1998 with 101 pieces of art and 200 all night art lovers. In 1999, submissions grew to more than 200 pieces and attendance to more than 1,100. Art All Night drew even bigger crowds in 2000, with record attendance and over 300 artworks on display. In 2005, 868 artists displayed their work and more than 7,000 guests attended. By 2007, 850 artists entered their work in the show which was seen by over 7,500 visitors. It has gained a cult-like following over the years and has been growing in popularity nearly every year.

Posters from Previous Art All Night Events