Show Volunteering

Every year over 300 volunteers donate thousands of hours of their time to make Art All Night happen. As a volunteer, you’ll get the opportunity to wield your brains, brawn, or creativity and be part of one of Pittsburgh’s most unique art events. Art All Night could not come together without the tremendous support from our volunteers. Join us this year and be part of an awesome tradition.

Event volunteer shifts begin at two-hour increments, and we encourage volunteers to stay as long as they like. The various volunteer teams and tasks are described below, and a link to our registration form is at the bottom of the page. Not sure what you want to do? Sign up to be a general volunteer and we’ll try to place you based on your interests.

Before the Event

Volunteering in the weeks leading up to the event is a huge help to setting up the show in a new building. There are a lot of ways for people of all abilities and interests to help prepare the show.

Learn about volunteering with our planning committee.

At the Event

At Art All Night safety is our top priority. As such we expect all volunteers to engage in a safe and respectful manner while conducting their volunteer tasks.

If you volunteer for the event, we will schedule you for a 2 hour shift (4 hour for registration) from anywhere between 10am Saturday to 2pm Sunday. Some of the duties are:

      • Registration: Register artists and check in their artwork, move art to staging area
      • Parking and Traffic: Help control the road and pedestrian traffic by the buildings
      • Security: Oversee event space area to ensure no accidents occur and that safety and security protocols are met
      • Hangers: Move the artwork from the staging area to the appropriate display area and curate/hang the art
      • Green Team: Help keep Art All Night Green! Manage the recycling and trash receptacles
      • Art Sales Table: No sales take place, but staff the table in order to collect contact information of interested buyers so they can be given to the artist when they pick up their artwork after the show
      • Sales Table: Assist in the selling of merchandise
      • Voluteers: Help the volunteer captains manage incoming volunteers and ensure all volunteers receive their t-shirt upon volunteer check-in
      • Kitchen: Collect food donations as they come in for the volunteer team, keep food area neat and clean up at the end
      • Stage: Assist bands and performers at the stage area
      • Take-down: Remove art from the displays at the end of the show on Sunday at 2pm
      • Art Pick-Up/Check-out: Checking artists’ IDs to make sure the right person has the correct piece of art
      • Tear-down: Take down the display panels, pack our supplies, and clean the building on Sunday afternoon
      • Children’s Activities: Help facilitate the children’s activity areas. This includes interacting with children to get them involved in art projects
      • Interactive Art Assistants: Aid and monitor attendees in d.i.y. art projects
      • Artist Assistants: Help facilitate onsite artists. Duties may include moving canvases and art supplies
      • Onsite Art Clean Up: Assist with cleaning up lots and lots of paint, washing brushes and moving canvases late Saturday night
      • Art Auction: Help out with a live auction and enter bids into a computer system


For more detailed information on tasks, check out here.Listed below are the tasks or times to sign up for Art All Night.


When is it held?

The show is typically held during the last full (Sat/Sun) weekend in April. The official dates will be posted on our Home page when everything has been finalized.

Where is it held?

Typically somewhere in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The address will be on our Home page once a location is selected, and there will be maps on our Directions page to help you find your way to us as well.

In an effort to showcase the diversity of Lawrenceville the location changes each year. As the event has grown, we seek spaces of 20,000 sq. feet or more. In January the building committee identifies potential sites and works with the property owners to determine the actual location.

If you have a building and would be interested in hosting the show, please let us know via our contact page.

Who puts on Art All Night?

Art All Night is planned and coordinated by an all-volunteer organizing committee that starts meeting at the end of January. Dozens of additional volunteers help in the final stages to prepare the venue, construct exhibit panels, assist with the registration and hanging of artwork, provide refreshments, direct traffic, clean-up, and much, much more. Live entertainment throughout the event is also donated by some of Pittsburgh’s finest performers.

The work of community volunteers is generously supported each year by a range of generous sponsors and donors. Art All Night is also supported by the strictly voluntary contributions of attendees, which support continuation of the event each year.

For further information, email us via our contact page.

For information about volunteering at Art All Night, click here.  The sign up page will open up in the beginning of April of the current event year.