Art All Night has a rich and storied history, and is one of the best kept secrets of Pittsburgh.


Art All Night debuted in 1998 with 101 pieces of art and 200 all night art lovers. In 1999, submissions grew to more than 200 pieces with over 1,100 in attendance. Art All Night drew even bigger crowds in 2000, with record attendees and over 300 artworks on display. In 2005, 868 artists displayed their work and more than 7,000 guests attended. In 2007, 850 artists entered their work in the show which was seen by over 7,500 visitors. It has gained a cult-like following over the years and has been growing in popularity nearly every year.

In recent years, over 1,000 artists have participated in the yearly event and attendance continues to grow.


See photos of the planning, production, and party in the Photo Galleries.  Be sure to check out the diverse collection of posters that have advertised the event in the Art All Night Poster Gallery below.

Poster Gallery

Photo Gallery

Art All Night All Year!

Ever seen something at Art All Night and forgot to write down the artist? Ever wondered what the artist was thinking when they made the art? Starting in 2008 all registered artists with an email address were invited to upload a picture of their art work along with contact information (email/website), pricing, and comments. We have been a little remiss these past couple of years requesting pictures and info, but with some diligence and patience, we will start this up again in 2016.

Hundreds of artists have participated in Art All Night All Year. Click the button to see all that has been entered