Showcase Your Art

Are you an artist who would like to showcase a piece of artwork? Art All Night is a platform to showcase your work, be it your first art show or your fiftieth. This show will always abide by the motto: “No Fee, No Jury, No Censorship”. Anyone and everyone, amateur and professional alike, can display their work for free.

Display Your Art

If you have a piece of art that you have created and would like to show it off, you can register one (1) piece of art here, starting around the beginning of April.

Your work will be seen and appreciated by thousands of people. During the registration process, you will be asked if you would like to sell your piece at a certain price, and you will be given the option to include a very short blurb that will be hung with your piece

Perform Live

Another way to be involved is to sign up as an onsite artist or performer. If you are interested performing music or live comedy, then click below on the Performance Submission button.

Video Lounge

Have you produced a short film, video or animation? Would you like to show off your work at Art All Night this year?

The 2018 Video Lounge will feature a revolving playlist of short features by creative artists from around the area. If you have worked on a film, video or animated production, we are looking for a “sample” of your work. Not your demo reel or some product commercial; but a piece of an actual original production. Whether animated characters or live actors, with sound or silent, comedy or drama, documentary or completely abstract; as long as you can deliver it to us in a digital format, we can add it to our revolving playlist.