Interactive Art

Be a part of something unique on the night of the event! Interactive art projects invite all attendees to draw, dream, and alter their surroundings.


Chalk Art

Let your imagination run free with chalk and contribute your images to a community-created chalky mural. Active throughout the event.

Postcards from Art All Night

Unlock your inner artist. Paint a postcard, address it to yourself, and display it. Then, pick out someone else’s painted postcard and tell them what you like about the artwork. Mail their postcard to them using the on site mailbox. Active Saturday evening.

Drawing from Life

Try your hand drawing from the staples of the art world: live figures (“models”) and still-life materials. Draw or be drawn. You can be the model (one at a time or in pairs), interact with still-life materials or pose with other models. Still-life items available for periods when no volunteer model are present. Active throughout the event.

Dream Grimoire

What are your dreams? Sit down and interact one-on-one with the book’s Author to create a ritual to seek out what you desire most. Leave your mark in a book encapsulating the thoughts and desires of thousands.


You’re the next contestant at the Art-Oh board. Contribute to drawings on paper using your spirit color. Active throughout the event.

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