What will I see at Art All Night?

What happens the morning of the event?

The Saturday of the event is most aptly described a “real rush.” Hundreds of volunteers assist scores of artists with checking in their artwork.  Volunteer hangers curate the work, the stages are set for performers, the shop is stocked, and areas for interactive art projects are prepared.

What happens next?

When the doors open at 4pm, the music begins, the children’s activities start and the parking lots start to fill. In 2015, we had an estimated 15,000 people attend, most of whom visited on Saturday night.

When should I show up?

Since the event goes on for 22 hours, that all depends on the atmosphere you are looking for. Saturday night is loud with lots of children’s and adult art activities, bands, and the largest crowds. Sunday morning is more peaceful with much smaller crowds. The middle of the night has a whole other vibe to it with lots of local color. Interactive art activities occur throughout the whole event. And then the auction takes place Sunday at noon at the stage area.  This is where all the art created by the onsite artists will be sold.

Can I bring my children?

Terri with wings at Art All Night

Of course! The show is open to everyone. Children’s activities are held from 4 to 8 pm on Saturday and again at 10 am to 2 pm on Sunday next to a youth-friendly section of art. Please note that the rest of the show is uncensored. All we ask is that you please keep an eye on your little (and big) ones and do not leave them unattended at the show.