Are you an artist? Do you want to showcase your work in one of the largest art shows in Pittsburgh? Art All Night is here to provide artists with a platform to showcase their work, be it your first or fiftieth time displaying your work publicly. At Art All Night we believe in three things: No Fee, No Jury, No Censorship. This means that anyone, amateur and professional alike, can have their work displayed for free. There are 2 main ways to share artwork at Art All Night:

1) Register Your Art

Registrations open in April. If you have something that you’ve created and want to show it off, you can register your piece of art here (one and only one piece!) or register videos here. Your work will be seen and appreciated by thousands of people from the Greater Pittsburgh Area.  There is an option during the registration process if you’d like to maybe sell your can put in a selling price.  You can also give a little blurb about the artwork and tell everyone the mediums you worked with.

2) Perform Live

You have talent – we have stages. Click here to sign up to perform at Art All Night.