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Press Release

Art All Night: Pittsburgh 


Contact: press@artallnight.org
Web Site: www.artallnight.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artallnight/
Instagram: @artallnightpgh 

Art All Night Pittsburgh Celebrates ONLINE 

Community Comes Together Online for Free 22-Hour Art Event 

The 24th installment of Art All Night Pittsburgh will be held from 4 pm Saturday, April 24th to 2 pm Sunday, April 25th. Like the traditional annual event this online art show will be provided free for 22-hours to Pittsburghers and beyond. Both Art All Night admission and artist participation are free and open to the public via the event website, www.artallnight.org.

Art All Night features original artwork, activities for children and adults, and entertainment. Throughout the night, guests can participate in collaborative art activities and enjoy performances by local bands and performers. Live painting featuring 24 artists will occur throughout the night. Attendees can support artists through the bidding of art displayed in the show. Bids and donations can be made during the show at artallnight.org.


Experience the unexpected with a group of friendly Art All Night attendees! Our hangouts will feature a variety of group activities including curated tours of the art and music, poetry, storytelling, games, and other imaginative uses of Zoom rooms.

Art All Night for Children 

A variety of artistic activities for children will be available during this year’s show. These will be available starting at 4pm on April 24th through 2pm on April 25th. Children and families are invited to participate in kimono landscapes, collage making, an outdoor object landscape, and rock painting.


Watch a show, a scene, or a clip of a production. Submissions will be included in a playlist running in a continuous loop in the online site cinema.


Attendees can expect to see a mix of music acts, from recorded performances to a coffeehouse livestream.

Call for Artists

All artists are encouraged to participate by submitting one piece of artwork to the show. These pieces may be sold or displayed not for sale. Online registration starts on April 2nd at artallnight.org. To participate in the show, artists must login to artallnight.org between April 2nd and April 19th (for video and audio submissions) and April 21st (for image submissions) and complete the registration form. All artwork must arrive during this registration window to be displayed. Art All Night is not looking for demo reels or product ads. At the conclusion of the 22 hour event the site will become inactive and the show will be over. Artists will be contacted via the email address that they provided at registration should they receive any bids.

Art All Night Online 

Connect with Art All Night via social media. Join the event on Facebook at facebook.com/artallnight and follow us using #artallnightpgh on Instagram and Twitter for event updates, technical guidelines and more. Find inspiration, photos, and other information for this year’s Art All Night Pittsburgh by searching the hashtag #artallnightpgh. 

Use #artallnightpgh and #artallnightpghonline to be a part of the conversation with the Art All Night volunteer team and other Art All Night participants. 

Event Location: www.artallnight.org
Hours: 4 pm April 24th to 2 pm April 25th 
Admission: Free 
General Contact: (412) 235-1950
Press: press@artallnight.org 

Organizers’ Address:
Lawrenceville Corp.
100 43rd Street, Suite 106
Pittsburgh, PA 15201 

Contact Information:
Wendy Coester
(412) 606-9535

If you have any questions regarding information in this press release please contact the company listed in the press release.

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