39th & Comedy!

Call for Comedy Performers for the 39th & Comedy: A Joke All Night Variety Show

Welcome to Art All Night 2016’s comedy stage! This year we’re featuring acts in a range of comedic styles, including improv, stand-up, and sketch. The 39th & Comedy show will be running from 6 pm till midnight on Saturday, April 23rd.

If you are interested in performing at the 39th & Comedy show, please submit your act using the form below.

Once we’ve received your submission, we will reach out to you via e-mail to confirm the time slot for your act. We are 100% open to and excited about new teams, experimental shows, interactive works, musical acts, silent acts, solo acts, two-provs, puppetry, anything you’ve been dreaming up. In addition to performers, we are also looking for comedians who would want to run improv jams and workshops.

Have questions? Contact the comedy stage team at comedy@artallnight.org.


  1. Do I have to be there the whole time?
    No! We would love to have you there celebrating for as long as you can, but showing up a half hour before your performance is enough.
  2.  What if I don’t have a group?
    Still fill out the form and let us know! There’s going to be a lot of jammin’ and pick-up group opportunities.
  3. Will people actually pay attention?
    Yes!  In the past, we’ve had a pretty good audience showing.  People come and go, but since there are groups performing before and after each improv group, we’ll also have our little improv community there to support each other in addition to general attendees.  *warm fuzzy hugs*  So, yes!  It may be different than a typical theater, but the warehouse experience is part of the beauty!
  4.  What if I WANT to stay the whole time?
    Awesome! We’ll be right there with you. 🙂

Sign up for 39th & Comedy: A Joke All Night Variety Show

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We're running the Comedy Stage from 6 pm to midnight on Saturday, April 23rd. Please select at least two times you're interested in.


Do you want to hang out all night and become besties? AKA Volunteer with us.
Seriously. This is a community event, and we would love to have people volunteer and hang out with us through the night.

All-Day, All Night (I want to work with yinz 6 pm to midnight)Part-time Day, Part-time Night (I can only handle so much... which means about 3 hours)Precious Moments (I can help out for maybe an hour or two max, but I love this!)Other

Any concerns, comments, etc.? Also, if your set has any requirements drop 'em here.