Meet the Teams of the Planning Committee

The rewards are great working as part of this committee. You get to be a part of a group of terribly creative people dedicated to having art be a part their daily existence and a part of the Lawrenceville community as a whole. You get to see your ideas at work (or play), watch the attendees creating and exploring various mediums of art, and observe a community at play. You get to see little minds opening up, creative minds finding new things they want to try, and peeps who think they are not creative realize that they could be after all!

The Planning Committee meetings usually start at the end of January and are every Wednesday evening at the Stephen Foster Center in Lawrenceville. Check back in January/February for more details.

Acknowledgements – Collects donor information, writes thank you letters, addresses and mails them.

Auction – Plans and facilitates the auction process.

Build Out – Maps out the flow of the show, placement of projects, stations and art space. Determines structural and infrastructural needs for the show preparation. Establishes a timeline so building is show ready.  Manages volunteers in the building of the panels and structures needed for the show. Works with the hanging team for those unusual pieces.

Children’s Activities – Determines children’s activities and stations, supplies, scheduling needs, utility needs for the stations and works with build out to set up stations. Manages volunteers and how activities are carried out.

Community Outreach – Plans and executes “warning/invitation” strategy for neighbors.  Identify under represented demographics and get information about event to that population. Works with Volunteer team to reach out to the community for volunteers.

Donations – Establishes plan for soliciting donations (for all kinds of supplies/equipment and FOOD), actually solicits for those donates and picks them up. Works with inventory team to determine needs and coordinate storage. Collects information from donors for acknowledgment team.

Green Team – Determines how recyclables and garbage will be managed during the show and especially tear down. Helps make the whole show more green by offering suggestions, procuring plants and other creative ideas. Manages volunteers and implementation of green team processes.

Hanging – Works out an efficient plan for the hanging of art in the building. Coordinates with the build out team the placement of unusual pieces. Manages volunteers to actually get the art placed within the 4 hour window.

Inventory – Organizes and “tracks” inventory of equipment and supplies.

Onsite Artists – Determines the art types, the artists’ needs, schedules and station needs.  Works with build out to set up the stations.  Laison to the artists. Video lounge, Stage and Mosaics fall under this heading.

Parking – Determines what parking is available, talks to neighbors and businesses to determine parking (or not parking) preferences, maps out special parking/access needs (bands, handicapped, emergency vehicles, etc) and determines routing needs (street block offs or redirects). Manages volunteers in parking and traffic control.

Participatory Art – Determines activities and stations, supplies, scheduling needs, utility needs for the stations and works with build out to set up stations. Manages volunteers in the carrying out of activities.

Publicity – Get event information out to media – radio, print, social, etc

Registration – Establishes an efficient plan for the process, works with build out and inventory for the needs of the station(s), determines schedules and shifts for registration.  Manages volunteers to get the art/artists registered properly and effectively.

Retail – Works with poster artist to determine retail design. Determines merchandise types and quantities, orders and organizes merchandise and develops innovative ways to sell merchandise before and after and during the show.  Determines schedules and shifts for the “store”.

Security and Safety – Determines safety and security needs for the building, show, art and teams.  Identifies potential issues and creates practical solutions to those issues, develops a plan for addressing issues that may pop up and risk management for the graveyard shift.   Contact security officers and crossing guards and secures walkie talkies.  Manages minglers and volunteers placed on safety and security duty.

Stage – Solicits bands and performers, determines needs for this station and team, creates a final list/schedule of performers for other groups (publicity, website, etc) and functions as liason to the performers. Works with build out to create the stages. Manages Stage volunteers.

Teardown – Establishes and executes an efficient plan for the teardown, handling, moving and storage of build out supplies. Manages volunteers in the teardown process.

Volunteer – Solicits volunteer needs from each team and coordinates with team leads for scheduling.  Identifies and executes new/practical ways to get volunteers (with Community Outreach Team). Manages, schedules, communicates with volunteers.  Greets and manages volunteers during build out weekends leading up to the show.

Website – Updates the look and content of the website each year.  Coordinates with other teams to get/change information on the website.  Works closely with Publicity to keep feed updated.

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When is it held?

The show is typically held during the last full (Sat/Sun) weekend in April. The official dates will be posted on our Home page when everything has been finalized.

Where is it held?

Typically somewhere in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The address will be on our Home page once a location is selected, and there will be maps on our Directions page to help you find your way to us as well.

In an effort to showcase the diversity of Lawrenceville the location changes each year. As the event has grown, we seek spaces of 20,000 sq. feet or more. In January the building committee identifies potential sites and works with the property owners to determine the actual location.

If you have a building and would be interested in hosting the show, please let us know via our contact page.

Who puts on Art All Night?

Art All Night is planned and coordinated by an all-volunteer organizing committee that starts meeting at the end of January. Dozens of additional volunteers help in the final stages to prepare the venue, construct exhibit panels, assist with the registration and hanging of artwork, provide refreshments, direct traffic, clean-up, and much, much more. Live entertainment throughout the event is also donated by some of Pittsburgh’s finest performers.

The work of community volunteers is generously supported each year by a range of generous sponsors and donors. Art All Night is also supported by the strictly voluntary contributions of attendees, which support continuation of the event each year.

For further information, email us via our contact page.

For information about volunteering at Art All Night, click here.  The sign up page will open up in the beginning of April of the current event year.