Performance Schedules

Artisan Cake Decorating (From 4pm to 11pm on Saturday)

Watch cakes being decorated with buttercream icing!

  • Nikole Medved

Body Painters (Starting at 5pm on Saturday)

Come see live models as they’re bodies are painted using airbrush, and acrylic paints. They will be completely covered in ethereal nature scenes, sunrises, sunsets, trees, and water.

  • Lizzie Green
  • Rebecca Rose

Collaborative Painters (Starting at 4pm Saturday)

These folks will be painting live and their pieces will be up for auction on “Folk Stage” at noon on Sunday.

  • Kyle Adams and Brett Guerra
  • Peyton Balkovec and Robert Buchanan
  • Andy Beck and Christian Miller
  • Josette Brighenti and Shawna Sommers
  • James Bristol and Lisa Larose
  • Kai Devenitch and Donald Toomer
  • Danny Devine and Dante Lombardi
  • Allee Eichler and Emmilee Eichler
  • Natasha Hiller and Daniela Merav
  • (D.S.) Darrell Kinsel and Julie Mallis
  • Mushir Kinsel and Tracy Lynn Smalley
  • Sara Macleod and Ryan McCormick
  • Marlana and Ben Yockel
  • Dustin Willia Merriam and Michael Scheirer
  • Elliot Cole Miller and Felix Savisky
  • Jeremy Murray
  • Brendan Patrick
  • Rachna Radner and Krystina Thomas
  • Cynthia Sciandra and David Sciandra
  • Jake Steele and Casey Worthing
  • David Whitewolf and Madeleine Whitewolf
  • Emilie Whitewolf and Liz Whitewolf

Comedy (Starting at 4pm on Saturday)

Time Performer(s)
Sat 4:00pm It’s Nice to See He’s Working podcast
Sat 6:00pm Critical Hit!
Sat 6:20pm Arla White
Sat 6:30pm Garrett Titlebaum
Sat 6:40pm Fits and Sass
Sat 7:00pm Amanda Avarell
Sat 7:10pm Zack Markel
Sat 7:20pm Always B Sharp
Sat 7:40pm Brandon Johnson
Sat 7:50pm Blair Parker
Sat 8:00pm Classy & Relevant
Sat 8:20pm Justin Tunney
Sat 8:30pm Olivia Traini
Sat 8:40pm Jonhny Dam
Sat 8:50pm Will Ness
Sat 9:00pm One Hand Luke
Sat 9:20pm Ian Insect
Sat 9:30pm Jess Irvin
Sat 9:40pm If the Mittfits
Sat 10:00pm 8-Bit Classic
Sat 10:20pm Wolfe
Sat 10:30pm Allan Lee
Sat 10:40pm Yeah Those Guys
Sat 11:00pm Alex Homyak
Sat 11:10pm Brandon Schell
Sat 11:20pm Secondhand Sketch

Marbling (Starting at 5pm on Saturday)

Marble Abstracts are a promotion of sustainable art through the expression of controlled chaos. Once the colors are chosen, the paint it poured onto a flat surface. There is an inevitable and organic blending that occurs before the paint ever touches the canvas. Once the paint has been poured, the canvas is laid on top. A variety of self-developed lifting techniques (in conjunction with the nature of the paint itself) is the final step in the creative process. While each piece is unique, themes emerge when multiple works are created from a single batch of selected colors.

  • Sara Brown

Face Painting (From 6pm – 8pm on Saturday)

Face and body art for kids and adults

  • Bonnie Banner

Music: “Coffee House” Stage (From 4pm – 11:30pm on Saturday)

We’ll have 15 performers representing Pittsburgh‘s open mics, coffeehouses, clubs, and award-winning singer/songwriters

Time Performer(s)
Sat 4:00pm Brent Malin
Sat 4:30pm Dennis Malley
Sat 5:00pm Gerard Rohlf
Sat 5:30pm Meeting House Harmonizers
Sat 6:00pm Northern Vibe
Sat 6:30pm Chris Hannigan
Sat 7:00pm Brad Yoder
Sat 7:30pm Tracy Drach / Eve Goodman
Sat 8:00pm Ronni Weiss
Sat 8:30pm Jessica Saenz
Sat 9:00pm Emily Jo
Sat 9:30pm Donna O
Sat 10:00pm Marty Zundel
Sat 10:30pm Ben Valasek
Sat 11:00pm Jack McLaughlin

Music: “Folk” Stage (From 4pm Saturday – noon Sunday)

A colorful collection of dance bands and folk music ensembles from the Pittsburgh area

Time Group
Sat 4:00pm Balkan Babes
Sat 4:30pm Steel City Ukulele Club
Sat 5:00pm Devlish Merry
Sat 5:30pm Smokestack Lightning
Sat 6:00pm Dinosoul
Sat 6:30pm Rachel Whitcomb
Sat 7:00pm Alex Meleshenko
Sat 7:30pm Lackawanna Longnecks
Sat 8:00pm Alba Flamenca
Sat 8:30pm Amarillis
Sat 9:00pm Cajun Aces
Sat 9:30pm Haygood Paisleys
Sat 10:00pm Slagtones
Sat 10:30pm Lone Pine Boys
Sat 11:00pm Art All Night Old-Time Orchestra
Sat 11:30pm Parade!
>11:30pm – Col. Eagleburger’s High Stepping Good Time Band
>12:00am – Timbeleza
Sun 1:00am King Fez
Sun 1:30am Matt Jordan
Sun 2:00am – 9:00am -Open-
Sun 9:30am Lachlan Cobayo
Sun 10:00am Witch Baby
Sun 10:30am Pardon my French
Sun 11:00am Cindy Harris
Sun 11:30am Squeezhammer & Bow
Sun 12:00pm -Stage will be used for Art Auction-

Music: “Rock” Stage (From 4pm Saturday – 4am Sunday)

Time Group
Sat 4:00pm Ephen Ager
Sat 4:30pm Hungry Ghosts
Sat 5:00pm Superstar
Sat 5:30pm Jovh Shin Williams
Sat 6:00pm The Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh Dance Troupe
Sat 6:30pm Steel Clover
Sat 7:00pm Portrait People
Sat 7:30pm Glo Phase
Sat 8:00pm Punch Drunk Tagalongs
Sat 8:30pm 1hood
Sat 9:00pm John Trumaine Show
Sat 9:30pm NBND
Sat 10:00pm Sea Rights
Sat 10:30pm Bridget DeJohn
Sat 11:00pm unfinished symphonies
Sat 11:30pm Parade!
>11:30pm – Col. Eagleburger’s High Stepping Good Time Band
>12:00am – Timbeleza
Sun 1:00am Journalism
Sun 1:30am Louie Petrone
Sun 2:00am Define Irony
Sun 2:30am Decaffinated Grapefruit
Sun 3:00am Block & Tackle
Sun 3:30am DENZELL