The third annual OnSite Art Auction will be held on Sunday April 26th from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM.

OnSite Art is created by teams of local artists whom will be working live during the event for your viewing pleasure. The resulting pieces of art, long lusted after by patrons and collectors, will be available for purchase to the highest bidder. All proceeds from this auction will be used to support future Art All Night events.

How to bid

You are able to place pre-bids on artwork as early as 6:00 PM on Saturday night until 2:00 AM Sunday morning by going to the information and auction services table located near the performance stage. Pre-bidding will also be open for a limited time on Sunday from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM. Please note that you may be outbid by someone else during the live auction event. Bidding parties are encouraged to attend the live auction on Sunday April 27th at 4001 Willow Street as placing a pre-bid does not guarantee a purchase.

If You Win an Auction

You must pay immediately upon notification of your winning bid at the auction services table. Cash or check is greatly preferred. You must make arrangements to be in attendance Sunday April 26th to ensure you are not outbid and claim your piece. If you fail to do so, your artwork will be forfeited to the next highest bidder. Art All Night is not responsible for storing artwork for later pickup.

Painting auctioned in 2013.
Painting auctioned in 2013.
Paintings auctioned in 2013.
Paintings auctioned in 2013.


When is it held?

The show is typically held during the last full (Sat/Sun) weekend in April. The official dates will be posted on our Home page when everything has been finalized.

Where is it held?

Typically somewhere in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The address will be on our Home page once a location is selected, and there will be maps on our Directions page to help you find your way to us as well.

In an effort to showcase the diversity of Lawrenceville the location changes each year. As the event has grown, we seek spaces of 20,000 sq. feet or more. In January the building committee identifies potential sites and works with the property owners to determine the actual location.

If you have a building and would be interested in hosting the show, please let us know via our contact page.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Not even a penny. Attendance and participation are both entirely free. (FREE!)

Check out our Visitors page to compare what all you will experience with how much you pay (NOTHING!) to get in. Talk about value!

And check out these links if you’d like to participate as an artist or as a volunteer.

Who puts on Art All Night?

Art All Night is planned and coordinated by an all-volunteer organizing committee that starts meeting at the end of January. Dozens of additional volunteers help in the final stages to prepare the venue, construct exhibit panels, assist with the registration and hanging of artwork, provide refreshments, direct traffic, clean-up, and much, much more. Live entertainment throughout the event is also donated by some of Pittsburgh’s finest performers.

The work of community volunteers is generously supported each year by a range of generous sponsors and donors. Art All Night is also supported by the strictly voluntary contributions of attendees, which support continuation of the event each year.

For further information, email us via our contact page.

For information about volunteering at Art All Night, click here.  The sign up page will open up in the beginning of April of the current event year.

What about kids? How “child friendly” is the show?

The show is open to everyone. Kids love “to art”, so it would be silly to not have stuff for them to do. We have tons of children’s activities on Saturday and Sunday adjacent to a youth-friendly section of art.

But please, do keep in mind that this is an uncensored show.

What is Art All Night All Year?

Ever seen something at Art All Night and forgot to write down the artist? Ever wondered what the artist was thinking when they made the art? Starting in 2008 all registered artists with an email address were invited to upload a picture of their art work along with contact information (email/website), pricing, and comments. We have been a little remiss these past couple of years requesting pictures and info, but with some diligence and patience, we will start this up again in 2016.

Hundreds of artists have participated in Art All Night All Year. You can see their artwork here