Art Registration

Registration for 2016 is closed with the completion of the show. Look for 2017 registration in April.

It’s easy to display your artwork! Simply complete the online Artist Registration here in April. Bring your artwork to the location during Drop Off Hours (date TBA), with your pre-registration forms and a photo ID. On-site registration is also available during registration hours.

Art All Night is FREE to submitting artists and FREE to attend. You can submit exactly one art piece. Artwork comprised of several physical pieces is considered one piece of art.

As a participating artist, if you LOVE this show, please consider VOLUNTEERING! It takes a village (or “ville”) to make this show happen! Be a cool kid, VOLUNTEER!

Read testimonials from two Art All Night artists.


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When is it held?

The show is typically held during the last full (Sat/Sun) weekend in April. The official dates will be posted on our Home page when everything has been finalized.

Where is it held?

Typically somewhere in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The address will be on our Home page once a location is selected, and there will be maps on our Directions page to help you find your way to us as well.

In an effort to showcase the diversity of Lawrenceville the location changes each year. As the event has grown, we seek spaces of 20,000 sq. feet or more. In January the building committee identifies potential sites and works with the property owners to determine the actual location.

If you have a building and would be interested in hosting the show, please let us know via our contact page.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Not even a penny. Attendance and participation are both entirely free. (FREE!)

Check out our Visitors page to compare what all you will experience with how much you pay (NOTHING!) to get in. Talk about value!

And check out these links if you’d like to participate as an artist or as a volunteer.

How do I participate as an artist?

It’s easy peasy. Check this website in April where you can register here online. Then bring your artwork to the location on Saturday (the hours will be posted on the website) with your registration form and a photo ID. On-site registration is available.

Be sure to take a picture of your artwork so you can participate after the show in Art All Night All Year.

If your artwork has special needs just let us know before the event so we can plan for your piece.

How many pieces can I submit?

ONE AND ONLY ONE piece can be registered per artist. Artwork comprised of several physical pieces is considered one piece of art.

I have something unusual…?

Great! We love unusual. If it needs special handling or extra time to setup, please let us know via our contact page before the event so we can be prepared to help you.

How can I perform at Art All Night?

Each year we have multiple time slots for bands to perform. Visit the band page and our stage captain will contact you with more details.

You can also “perform” as an onsite artist showing our visitors art as it is being made.  Painters get paired up and collaborate on a large piece that will get auctioned off at the end of the show to benefit the production of next year’s show.  And painting isn’t all that is “performed”.  Last year we had mosaic artists producing windows, chairs and hanging art, improve performers and our Video Lounge where video artists’ works were compiled and shown all throughout the show.  Your imagination is the limit! Visit our Performances and Live Art page and a captain with contact you with more details.

What is Art All Night All Year?

Ever seen something at Art All Night and forgot to write down the artist? Ever wondered what the artist was thinking when they made the art? Starting in 2008 all registered artists with an email address were invited to upload a picture of their art work along with contact information (email/website), pricing, and comments. We have been a little remiss these past couple of years requesting pictures and info, but with some diligence and patience, we will start this up again in 2016.

Hundreds of artists have participated in Art All Night All Year. You can see their artwork here