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Have you produced a short film, video or animation? Would you like to show off your work at Art All Night this year? The 2017 Video Lounge will feature a revolving playlist of short films by creative artists from around the area. If you have worked on a video or film production, we are looking for a sample of you work. Not your demo reel or product ad; but an example of an actual original production. Whether animated characters or live actors, sound or silent, comedy or drama, documentary or completely abstract, film or video; as long as you can deliver it to us in a digital format, we can add it to our revolving playlist.


  1. Video run time should be less than 10 minutes.
  2. Video must be provided in a digital format. No video capture or DVD import services available.
  3. Only 1 submission per artist.

Ways to submit your digital video to Art All Night:

  1. On a flash drive or data DVD
  2. Provide a download link here.
  3. Make an appointment to have media copied from an external hard drive.

Submissions will be included in a playlist running in a continuous loop at the event. Sign up below and deliver your entry in a digital format to Art All Night via mail, appointment or download. The last day for submissions is Monday, April 18th.

Note: Art All Night will not use material other than at the Art All Night 2016 event.

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