Performing at Art All Night

Art All Night is known as a place where members of the community can freely introduce their art but it is also a space for members of the community to be introduced to live art!

Art All Night encourages live performances in all shapes and forms. However, all live performances must come through Art All Night’s planning committee first. While nearly all types of art is welcome, there is limited space so to ensure everyone has a chance to share their craft, the planning committee facilitates the flow of live art.

Please Note: 
All marketing materials must remain at our community table (located towards the entrance to the show). Signs, banners, business cards, etc. are not to be near the performance areas. Art All Night does everything it can to mitigate commercialism during the show so focus is not taken away from the art.

Bands and Stage Performances

Sign up to perform a twenty minute set during the show. For the most part, stage performances are chosen by lottery in an effort to maximize fairness. Click here to go to the Stage sign up page.

Collaborative Painting at Art All Night

Sign up to get paired with another painter to work on a large collaborative piece during the show. For the most part, painters are matched by complimentary styles and will have opportunities to meet ahead of time to plan out their piece. Click here to go to the Collaborative Painting sign up page.

Collaborative Mosaics at Art All Night

Sign up to to collaborate on 3-4 works during the event, which will then be auctioned off to raise money to cover event costs.  The mosaics will employ stained glass, mosaic tile, and possibly ceramic tile, but suggestions are welcome from participating artists. Click here to go to the Collaborative Mosaics sign up page.

Cartooning All Night

Sign up to draw at Art All Night. Cartoonists are asked to stay for a minimum of 2 hours but are welcome to stay longer if they choose. Bristol board and fine tip permanent markers will be provided. Click here to sign up for Cartooning All Night.

Performances for Children

Sign up to introduce your artwork to children. From magicians to puppeteers – all performers who wish to share their craft specifically to our youngest visitors are welcome! Click here to sign up for Children’s Performances.

Other Arrangements

There are often live performances that don’t quite fit the previous labels. Fill out the following form so we can figure out where your performance can fit in.

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